Start and Stop!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Yes, we got the planters rolling yesterday!   The soil conditions were ideal, with the soil surface  dry and adequate moisture just underneath.

Ross started planting corn at the Huey farm.  He experienced some ‘first day bugs’, but eventually got them ironed out.  He had a visit from Josh, a technician from JL Farm Equipment- our CIH dealer.  By day’s end, he thinks the bugs are gone, and subsequent days will work super-great!

Ross is no-tilling corn into last year’s bean stubble.


Ross is working here at the Huey farm

Here the corn is being planted in some cover-crop wheat at the Huey farm.

I started planting soybeans here at the home farm.  This new drill is quite familiar to us, but we needed some guidance on the section control feature.  Gerald from Alliance Tractor helped us get it fine-tuned to work properly.

Gerald arrives with John to assist in the fine-tuning of the section control feature on the new air drill.  It was a productive hour-and-a half.


Gerald Chapin from Alliance Tractor and John Carnahan


Here, at the Roberson farm, the soil conditions were ideal for planting.

What a nice view of Monday’s planting activity  on the Roberson farm.

By late in the day, the drill was working as expected. You could not have asked for better planting conditions!

John was able to get some drone footage and aerial pictures of both planters.    There is a short video on our YouTube Channel…click on the YouTube icon at the upper right of this page..

All in all, we had a pretty good first day.  But during the night, a 1-inch (25mm) rain came and that has us stopped today!

It was a good start to #plant17.   We need a couple days’ sunshine to get back to it.

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