Thursday, January 19, 2017

We measure the progress in many ways.

One of the good ones is Ross’ current progress with the surgery on his ankle 4 weeks ago.  You can see that he is in less pain and his healing process is going well.   He received a good report from his doctor this week.  Although he must not walk on that ankle for 3 more weeks, he is getting around with the scooter pretty well.  He even drove his golf cart out to the horse barn the other day, using his left foot to run the pedals!  His doctor assured him he’d be ready for tractor driving by his birthday on April 15.  He is really looking forward to that!   Progress.

Ross also has used the recent grain market rally to sell off a chunk of the remaining 2016 corn in storage, and also to forward contract some of the new 2017-crop corn and soybeans.   We are grateful for this little rally… we think it is a market response to the bad flooding in Argentina, but whatever has driven corn and soybeans up over the last few days is welcome thing.  Prices had fallen just below our cost of production, but now it’s on the happy side of that number!  Progress.

Brandon is concentrating his efforts on delivering the corn that has been sold recently.  As he moves corn into the overhead load-out bins, he makes sure he pulls some corn from each storage bin in sequence.  That way, he knows more precisely the condition of the grain in each storage bin.   Progress.

Even though my 20-year service on the South Knox School Board has ended, the superintendent has asked me to stay on the planning group for the $15.1M remodel project at the high school.   I was happy to vote for this project last spring as a member of the school board, (it was 5-0), and even more happy that we could do it without raising taxes.  The bonds for the “new” (1999) elementary school are retiring, and the debt for this project will use that vacated amount to accomplish the needed improvements, without increasing the tax levy.   So, I get to still sit in on the meetings with the architects and financial advisers, and help shape the outcome of how the resulting facility will function and what it will look like.    We will be finalizing the design and alternates by February 3.  Bids will go out in March.   Construction begins in May.  Progress.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other…




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