Snow no more

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yesterday morning, on a trip out to the mailbox, it was apparent that the snow had melted away.  We enjoyed the white stuff while it was around, but it is around no more.  The temperatures of the weekend (in the single digits) have warmed into the 50s, and they are accompanied by strong winds.  I can say we enjoyed the snow, because it was just a couple inches, and it was not blown into deep drifts.  There was no need for a blade or snow blower to clear the lane and local roads.  We had the beauty, with none of the downside of deep and blowing snow!

From the same vantage point as last Friday, this picture shows that the snow is gone.

From the same vantage point as last Friday, this picture shows that the snow is gone.

Now that the soybean crop has all been delivered, we concentrate on the sales and delivery of the remainder of the 2016 corn crop still in storage.  The contracts for LH Jan will begin to be delivered on Monday.  It will likely be ‘messier’ out there doing the deliveries, now that the roads and farm lot are no longer frozen.  As we often remark, we would typically prefer temperatures in the 20s, so that the vehicles can stay cleaner.  But when the grain must go out… out it goes…no matter the weather conditions!  The only thing that could stall the deliveries is the freezing rain or icing that is predicted for here on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Snow rarely stops us, but ice will definitely modify our behavior!  Let’s hope that the prognosticators have once again overstated what  is coming.

Soon, the stocks of the seeds for 2017 will begin arriving at our neighbor-dealer.  We will acquire the sizes of the soybean seeds (seeds/lb), and then begin to build the seeding prescriptions for #plant17.  That is a tedious task, but quite productive and helpful.


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