Acronym Day

Monday,  January 16, 2017

It’s book work on the to-do list today.  We had to work on the machine inventory today, preparing an itemized list, with values, to report to our local insurance company.  With that, we can guarantee adequate coverage on our equipment.  Also, I had to walk through a renewal of our DUNS account and the SAM account.  Our local NRCS uses these systems to pay their commitments to us with the EQIP program.  Yes, I realize that’s a lot of acronyms!

DUNS —  Dunn & Bradstreet Registry

SAM  — System for Award Management

NRCS — Natural Resources and Conservation Service

EQIP — Environmental Quality Incentive Program.

The SAM and DUNS are managed online, and have to be updated once per year.  It was a bit cumbersome, especially the SAM, and took up a few hours of online clicking.  I’m glad it’s only an annual requirement.

I got the paperwork prepared today for the renewal of our license plates on our trucks, trailers, and pickups.  The Indiana vehicle registration and plating system has evolved a bit in recent years, and some personal vehicles can be renewed online.  However, for our trucks, the Federal Highway Use tax (Form 2290) must be submitted with the renewal… so those must go out in mail.  Even though the local offices have improved their customer service, you cannot renew these truck plates at the local office–they must be mailed to the Winchester, IN BMV (oops, another acronym) service center.  I only go to our local BMV to apply for a new vehicle title or renew my driver’s license.  Maybe that’s why the local office gets you through more quickly than in days past.

It’s a good day for office work, even though it’s over 50ºF.  Outside, it is windy and damp, with occasional showers of rain.   In the morning, we will load one of the trucks with corn to be delivered to GPC.  The next deliveries of corn will be to fill the LH Jan (Last half of January) contracts.  The roads should be dry tomorrow.

FYI– Have a good week.



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