The Pete is busy today

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brandon is delivering 3 more loads of corn to GPC today.  It’s not a particularly pleasant day to be on the road, with a little rain/snow mix in the air–the roads are messy.  But these trips help fulfill our delivery requirements for filling contracts.

corn drops into the Pete's trailer from load-out #6.

corn drops into the Pete’s trailer from load-out #6.

John runs the truck while Brandon operates the loading valve in the overhead bin.

John runs the truck while Brandon operates the loading gate in the overhead bin.  Brandon stands on a raised platform to operate the unload valve, and rings a bell to signal the driver to move ahead in small increments as the trailer fills from front to back.

Last night was an important evening for me.  I went to my last meeting as a member of the South Knox School Board.  I was first elected in 1996, and have served 5 terms on the board.  There have been many exciting changes in those years, and I feel privileged to have been a part of that.  I am appreciative of the trust shown by this community to allow me to serve.

I’m hoping the future allows for some more travel, and more ‘grandpa’ time!



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