Rain delay

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, we were run out of  the soybean field at Freddie by an unexpected rain.  But later, the sun came out and we returned there about 6pm.  We were able to finish off the non-replanted soybeans there.  The remaining soybeans at Freddie were replanted, and we expect them to be ripe and dry sometime late next week.  We moved the JD combine to the Nellie farm, and brought the CIH and MacDon head home to do a repair on the center auger of the header.  That work was accomplished this morning, as the guys delivered soybeans to ADM in Newburgh… and corn to GPC in Washington.

The sky remains cloudy, and it just feels damp out there.  If the sun would only shine for an hour or so, we could return to harvesting soybeans.

C’mon sunshine!

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