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Friday, October 14, 2016

We made some progress on #harvest16 yesterday and today.  We cut soybeans at Nellie and Commer.  We finished off Commer and Grubb today.  There was some difficulty for me on this cloudy and hard-to-dry-out day.   Early in the going, I ran a slug of damp soybeans into the JD combine, and had to pull out the plug by hand from the feed accelerator.  Ugh.

So, now we have replanted soybeans remaining to harvest.  On Saturday (tomorrow), we’ll go around the 4 farm locations to cut small patches (<5 acres) .  We will spend more time moving, and attaching and detaching the header than we will actually harvesting.  Next week, we will return to the Freddie farm for the 150-acres-or-so that were replanted there.  That should finish off #harvest16 for Carnahan & Sons.  We will see what happens.

We are working with Greg at CPS to make preliminary plans for fertility applications for 2017.  Grid soil testing revealed a need for lime at the home farm, and CPS has already applied it.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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