Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yes, we have thunder and rain today.  It’s the first thunderstorm of spring.  But even if it’s raining, we have stuff going on today.


The rain is crackin' down (a phrase used by our mom)

Mom used to talk about the rain “crackin’ down”. It’s doing that today.

John is in the shop today, working on an upgrade to the water nurse trailer that serves the sprayer.  The water trailer is ready for spring, but John has been thinking about how to make it work better.  He is using this rainy spell to make a change.  He is fashioning a larger and improved inductor tank that should speed up the process of loading the sprayer.  We mix the chemicals and water from the water trailer as each tankful is pumped into the sprayer.  This upgrade should make that process go faster.    Previously, we would open a jug, and peel off the seal, then pour the contents into the inductor, and finally, triple rinse the jug with a garden hose spray nozzle.  With the new system, we’ll drop in the jugs into the inductor, a device will split them open to dump the contents, and the same device will rinse the open jugs clean.  Much faster.  There will be a lot a plumbing needed to connect this into the pumping system of the water trailer… this looks like a 3-, maybe 4-trip-to-town-for-parts task.

John is installing a device called a "Chem-Blade" in this inductor tank

John is installing a device called a “Chem-Blade” in this inductor tank

This morning, Brandon has already delivered a couple loads of corn to GPC at Washington, Indiana.  We schedule the deliveries there by appointment. He was able to deliver the loads before the rain started, but when we were loading for tomorrow morning, the rain started.  He has the ‘Vanna” truck loaded for tomorrow’s first delivery.

Brandon is using the "Vanna" truck today to deliver corn to GPC

Brandon is using the “Vanna” truck today to deliver corn to GPC

The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow, at least it’s predicted to be dry, even though colder.  I think I’ll get the orange 10-wheeler out and go pick up a load of soybean seed from our DeKalb/Asgrow dealer.   I’ll probably load that into the air drill, and then go back for a load of a second variety.

Are you looking forward to Easter?


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