Chilly Good Friday

March 25, 2016

Yes, it’s Good Friday… a day to ponder some important things that have eternal significance…

It’s downright cold out there; we started the day at about 33 degrees, and it only up to 35 here at mid-morning.  There’s a little breeze and that makes it seem even colder.  This cuts back your notions about planting time!

We did go to our Asgrow/DeKalb seed dealer’s place (neighbor Jeff Jackson) this morning and pick up a load of soybean seed.  He placed the 280 units of treated AG 3334 seed into our old orange 10-wheeler truck.  On the next favorable day, we’ll put that seed into the 350-bushel-capacity JD 1910 air cart and then go after another load of seed.  We do not have to keep much soybean seed in our inventory here, because our dealer is very helpful to get us loaded at about any moment.  It’s more convenient for both of us.  A completely-filled 10-wheeler truck load of soybean seed will fill the air drill about 1.6 times.

We will attend the Wheatland Community Good Friday service this evening; it’s hosted this year at our church, Wheatland Christian.  Then, we’ll return home to take in more NCAA regional basketball action!

We hope you’ll find a way to be in church this coming weekend, as we celebrate and appreciate Resurrection Sunday.

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