Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The planters are ready.  The sprayer is ready.  The sprayer nurse truck is filled and ready.  The ammonia toolbars are hooked up and ready.  The seed truck is serviced and ready.  The corn seed has been delivered.  The soybean seed is at the dealer’s place, ready to pick up.   Looks like we can check off all matters for preparing for #plant16.

But yesterday and today, the wind is blowing so strong that to spray would be foolishness…the material would blow into the next county!

The fields are probably sufficiently dry to support the sprayer, but not dry enough to start with the nitrogen applications.

And rain is predicted for tonight.

As we read that farmers from Iowa to Texas are getting #plant16 started, it gives us the urge to get going also.  But, we must remember that any field work done in March is rare for us in southwest Indiana.  There will be a time when it’s appropriate and helpful to get the machines rolling.  We must also take into account our dad’s admonition that you cannot wait for perfect conditions, or you’ll not get anything done.   Although we were unaware at the time, he was merely citing a Bible passage from Ecclesiastes 11:4  >

Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
    whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

So, we are waiting for better conditions, but not for perfect conditions.  We will experience some field conditions that are ideal, but not all fields will be so.    It requires some faith and some sense of urgency and some commitment to industry… all at the same time!

#plant16 is approaching…




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