Farm work on D-Day … or “Jour J”

Saturday, June 6, 2015

This afternoon, I took a Gator ride over a few soybean fields… Waldo Hill,  and the 4 fields at the Harry farm.  I found some areas that I just didn’t think were great at Waldo, but decided no replant was necessary.  But in a corner of the Harry field at the Harry farm, I found a spot, maybe an acre, that was bare.  So, I called my seed dealer, and he’s bringing a few little bags of soybean seed here soon.  I’ll take the big drill over there and do the replanting… it’ll take longer to get there and back than it will take to do the planting!   I just couldn’t bear to look at that bare patch all summer long.

Off to the 'bean field... one more time!

Off to the ‘bean field… one more time!

In a good report, while doing bush hog work this week along the roads at Huey and Freddie, I discovered that the soybeans there are emerged and growing well.  Those fields’ appearance are such that I couldn’t ask for any better!   It’s a happy thing to drive by those fields, and most others.  Also on the “happy to view” list this year would be Roberson, Downen, Lett, Watjen, Holscher, VanVleet, Pond, and Burke.

Just noticed that today is the 71st anniversary of the D-Day invasion.  The French call it Jour J.  That event in history captivates my mind.  Maybe it’s our connection to French folks that makes it more meaningful.  One of our French kids lives in Normandy; his Grand-mere Therese told us her childhood story of when the German soldiers came to her house…along with many “things”, they took her brother and she never saw him again.  Can you imagine?

It was 10 years ago today that Pat and I visited Omaha Beach on the north coast of Normandy with two of our French ‘sons’– Damien Heughebaert and Damien Vandromme.   It was a treasured visit, even though it was chilly and foggy that day.  The American Cemetery, at nearby Colleville-sur-Mer is a sobering and impressive place to experience.   It is a memory that shall always be with me.  Thank you, greatest generation…

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  1. John Hobson says:

    Amen! 21 years ago in a week that we were there. Our weather was opposite of the June 6 day. It was calm and beautiful and it seemed to me so unfair that the day we were there was so beautiful and those men had to face death on such a horrible bad weather so I can enjoy such wonderful freedom all these years later. I will Never forget that day. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad to hear nearly every beanfield looks great and one more will when you finish that acre. John

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