Happy weekend

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Today, we’re celebrating a happy event:  an overnight gentle rain.  This morning, it is cool and damp.   The corn and soybeans really needed a drink, and we are grateful they got one!

We are having an "Oregon-like morning" here in SW Indiana.

We are having an “Oregon-like morning” here in SW Indiana.

This good rain caps off a productive week.  We finished planting last Sunday night.  We got the grain bins finally swept out–all the corn is in the overhead load-outs now.  We got caught-up with the post-emerge spraying.  And, when we found areas in soybean fields that needed replanted, we got that done, too.  Yes, there was some replanting, but it’s done in May!

June will bring my time to hook up the bush-hog and start making the field roadsides look better–like we really are paying attention.  We will deliver the last of the 2014 corn to market.  Ben will begin his new job at Republic Airlines. Looks like Father’s Day will be a holiday this year, not an afternoon in the wheat/DCB field!

It’s going to be kinda weird not having some wheat to harvest and we’ll miss that check in the summertime.

Even so, the crops look pretty good, and we’re content.

Last day of May… that got here really fast, huh?



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