PT continues

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On a PT visit at the local hospital this morning, the therapist removed one of my home exercises and added 3 to my twice-a-day regimen.  Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my shoulder replacement, and it is a milestone in my recuperation.  I’ll see the doctor on Thursday, and then go back to PT on Friday.  I will expect the strengthening exercises to increase again.  There could be weeks more of PT.  I must say the progress is definitely occurring, but it seems very slow.  I still have a goal to get this ‘done’ by planting time!  Therefore, I do what they tell me.

Brandon is delivering some corn to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana again today.

Ben is home for a few days from his job at Air America,  and it’s good to have him here.

The temperatures in southwest Indiana are quite cold… 4ºF when the day began.  Some sub-zero nights are predicted for this week.  Snow covers the ground all around.  I washed the pickup today, just to get some of the salt off.  It was very ‘crusty’.  Not sure how long that wash job will last, but feels good to get it clean again.

Are we really only 5 weeks from planting time?  We’ll see…

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