Cold Friday

February 20, 2015

Yes, it was cold when the day began today, about -5ºF (-21C).  But it is warming through the day, more than yesterday.  The forecast is for some nasty weather, beginning tonight through tomorrow.  Snow/sleet/ice/freezing rain/ is on the way they tell us.  Tomorrow will bring warmer temps, near 40 and rain.  We will wait and see what really happens.

We are using today to send some corn to market at ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.

I had a really good birthday yesterday, including a special supper at John and Ashley’s house.  Ella colored a nice picture for me, and Molly smiled a bit while I was there.  To end the day, the Purdue Boilermakers delivered a basketball win over IU at Assembly Hall in Bloomington!  Couldn’t ask for a better present!  Thanks, Boilers!

Play of the game (IMO) was Jon Octeus' dunk

Play of the game (IMO) was Jon Octeus’ dunk

The new license plate for the pickup came in yesterday’s mail, and I went to the local BMV today to get the registration transferred from the 2010 to the new 2015 F-150.   The BMV process on this new pickup is now complete.

We anticipate a quiet weekend, mostly depending on what the weather brings.  Ben is coming in tomorrow.

It’s about 6 weeks until planting time will be here.  Doesn’t sound very far off does it?  I think we are ready.  Or at the very least, the machines are…

Here are a couple snow pictures from this week… does this look like 6 weeks from planting corn and soybeans?  It’s incredible, but it can happen in SW Indiana.

Our lane on Wednesday

Our lane on Wednesday, February 18


County road to Monroe City same day.

County road to Monroe City same day.

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