Another birthday…

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today is my 62nd birthday.  I’m looking out at a snow-covered farm.  The sky is crystal-clear blue, and the sun is bright as can be.  The reflected sunlight from the snow makes sunglasses a necessity.  Probably this is the coldest birthday I’ve ever had.  Last night got down to -7ºF (-22C), and they predict that same number again tonight.  The weekend is supposed to bring us warmer temps and rain.  Who knows?

As I think about the weather of this week, it occurs to me that  our new granddaughter Molly was due on Feb 17.  Boy, am I glad she was 10 days early!   The weather on the 7th was near 60ºF, but on her due date, it was windy and snowy and hard to get around on the roads.   We’re grateful for how that all worked out.

Pat and I had a great time at Purdue last Sunday.  We were able to meet up with Sheila and John Hobson (my sister and brother-in-law) before we all went to the basketball game.  We enjoyed a good pregame meal together, and it was just nice to sit and visit.  It was John’s birthday.  The Boilermakers added to our day by winning against Nebraska.

About noon today, I was able to assist Brandon with loading the “Vanna” truck for his 2nd trip to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  He pulls the rig underneath the load-out bins, and I pull it forward intermittently as he controls the loading spout.  Don’t need two arms for that task.  We have been very aggressive in corn deliveries this month, and that will help the cash flow schedule for the payments to be made in March on machinery.  And… there is a farm payment for the Downen place due on the 28th.

There is no school in the area again today, the 3rd snow-day in a row.  The schools are closed today because of the low temperatures, as much as for the snow drifts.   Surely, they can go back tomorrow, even if it’s on a 1- or 2-hour delay.  But then again, tonight’s basketball game between Rivet and South Knox has been delayed (again) to Monday night.  It’s gotta be pretty bad, if you can’t have a HS basketball game in Indiana!

Tonight, Purdue plays at rival Indiana University… I can think of no better birthday present than for the Boilermakers to come away with a win!


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