Sunny day

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It’s sunny and about 50ºF today, (10C).  But tonight we are predicted to receive snow!  It is amazing how the weather can be so variable here in SW Indiana.

We are sending corn to market today, destination ADM Newburgh, Indiana.  It’s about an hour away, south on the new I-69.  This grain terminal is poised right on the Ohio River, a bit upstream from Evansville.  It was a main market for our soybean crop…many loads were taken there.  And right now, it is the best place for us to deliver corn.

We sent 10 semi-truck loads of corn to Robinson Grain yesterday.  It is convenient, for it is just across US Highway 50 from the farm.  They had a very competitive bid yesterday morning.

I’m doing some more reading today about the rationale of the farm program sign-up.  I’ll have to finalize that decision by 11 am tomorrow, for that is my appointment to go to the local FSA and make what they are calling an “election”  (which option of the 3 available choices).  The biggest factor in choosing is your estimate of corn and soybean prices in each of the marketing years of 2014-18.  If you are a strong pessimist, PLC (Price Loss Coverage) seems to be a more favorable choice.  If you believe prices to hover around either side of the cost/bushel, the ARC-CO (Agricultural Risk Coverage- County) seems to be a better bet.  The other choice, ARC- IC (ARC- Individual) is only a viable alternative if your individual farm’s historical yields are greatly superior to your county’s average yields.

I’ve also been spending some time gathering tax information to submit to the accountants.  We received an important K-1 from Corn Flour Producers today.  We were a small part of the original farmer group that launched this successful corn milling business several years ago.  CFP has since been sold to Bunge Corporation.

Yesterday afternoon, with a little help from Jason from Hutson, Inc., we transferred years of yield and other field operations data from Apex to myJohnDeere.  I think I’m gonna like this cloud-based data system.  I was never a big fan of Apex.

The PT continues on my shoulder replacement… yesterday, I was assigned 5 new exercises to add to my 3x/day regimen.  Not much pain now, but retraining little-used muscles is a stretch.

I heard from Ross in Florida about how his flowers are blooming.  I’m happy for him.



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