Cold and windy Groundhog Day.

Monday, February 2, 2015

This day shows us a little snow in the air, just a faint amount, not the multi-inch snowfall we were predicted.  I guess you’d call it ‘flurries’.  But the 18ºF (-8C) temperature is ‘enhanced’ by today’s strong winds.  It just feels colder with the wind.  Seems to go right through your coat.  The wind picked up yesterday evening, and you could hear it ‘howling’ through the night.

This is a great day for office work, and I’ll get crackin’ on those tax reports and ordering the license plates for all the farm vehicles.

We have family in Chicago and friends in Boston… they’re getting whacked again with major snow!  Even though it’s cold here, we should not complain. This winter has been fairly easy on us, at least compared to last winter.

Honestly, I was hoping we’d get some snow.  It’s a long way to spring.


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2 Responses to Cold and windy Groundhog Day.

  1. Dwight Brawdy says:

    Dennis, I know very well what you are enduring with your shoulder, one year ago I had surgery for a severely torn Rotor cuff in my left shoulder. Slept in my recliner for 6 weeks because I could not lay in bed in any position. I closely followed all my PT and it has turned out good. only a bit weaker in my arm. Just a small warning, be very careful as to not strain your arm and have a setback when you think your back to normal. Its EASY to do. The only after effect I have, one year later is a very slight weakness in my arm. Big change from severe pain three weeks after my injury. Hang in there!!! It will get better! Dwight Brawdy

  2. casifarm says:

    Thank you, Dwight, for your advice on the shoulder replacement recovery. I am trying very hard to do exactly what I’m told. I do notice improvements, stronger, more flexibility… but the progress is so very slow. I thought I was a patient man, but this is teaching me more about it. I’ll be back in PT today. My goal is to be ready to board that JD at planting time!

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