Be careful out there this morning.

Friday January 2, 2015

As I walked out to the mailbox this morning, I felt and heard a definite ‘crunch, crunch’ under my footsteps.  My steps were made very carefully!  Guess we got some sleet overnight.  I did not expect that precipitation, after seeing yesterday’s brilliant sunshine.   The temps are predicted to go to the mid 30s today, so it should melt away.  Tomorrow, we have a 100% chance of rain.  Sounds like we’ll have a (very) cold snap next week.

The ‘Vanna’ Mack truck went into the shop today for work on one of the wheels.

It was fun to watch the Rose Bowl yesterday.  The Ducks are our sentimental favorite… for our son Philip is an Oregon alumnus.  Should be a really good national championship game a week from Monday.  Pat and I went with Philip to that national championship game in Arizona a few years ago, when the Ducks lost to Auburn.  That was a amazing weekend experience.  Hopefully, the Ducks will win this one!


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