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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As we close out the  year, we are seeking your opinions on to make this website more meaningful or helpful.  Are there topics that you would like to see us address?  Is there some information that is lacking?  What suggestion would you offer to help us improve the site?  What is the one question you want to ask?  What is the one thing of which you’d like to see more… or…what is the thing you’d like edited out?

Just send us your comment on this website, or send us an email.  We’ll make every effort to respond to your input!

What’s on our mind these days?

The thing on our mind is a question that has resurfaced since the commodity market’s decline last summer.  We are wondering if/when the favorable market prices we’ve experienced over the past few years will return.  Our projections for profit in 2015 are slim and difficult to find for corn and wheat.  The situation caused us to remove wheat from our planting plans for 2015, and to reduce projected corn acres by over 30%.  We are going to rely heavily on soybeans for our 2015 profit.   We have taken the steps we can identify to reduce our costs.  When we read the farm press’ suggestions for keeping costs down, we see that those are typically things we are already doing!   Winter provides a good time to re-examine your plans and strategies and methods for cost-saving concepts.

We try to keep a long-view perspective, and try not to allow our highs to be too high or our lows be too low!  We have been in this business long enough to know that the present economic situation is not the permanent situation… something will change the dynamic.   We realize that we move forward in faith.   We trust our Maker to provide, because He has demonstrated in our past experience that He can be trusted.  There are valuable lessons to be learned at all levels of profitability, and we have patience for better times to return.

2015 will be a unique year, as each one has something that distinguishes it from the others.  Drought like 2012?  Abundant rain like 2014?  What will it be?  Time will tell.  But one thing we know:

It’s gonna be all right.


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6 Responses to What’s on your mind?

  1. Savannah says:

    It would be neat to hear a little of your farm’s history/beginnings!

  2. I have heard that many farmers lease their equipment for tilling, do you lease or buy your tractors, combines ect.? Also, Dennis, we might be surprised about just how many followers you have on this site. To those of us who have a background involving agriculture it is quite interesting to keep up with the day to day situations you and Ross face. The only thing I can think of to better your web site for me would be to see Grandpa Dennis getting a helping hand from your little granddaughter. I have three Granddaughters also, the youngest being seven years old and they are pure fun! The best of luck to all the Carnahans! Dwight Brawdy

    • casifarm says:

      Thank you, Dwight, for your suggestions…I will try to work that information into the website. And as for your idea to add more information about my granddaughter, yours is the second such suggestion. That will be my pleasure to add! And, Grandpa-duty will increase next month when a second granddaughter arrives. You have more experience with granddaughters… do you have any advice? Thanks for reading our website; it’s nice to know you’re keeping in contact with us.
      Happy New Year. dc

  3. Only advice Dennis is to get plenty of hugs and kisses, us Grandpa’s need that! Grandchildren are truly gifts from God, to be cherished. Have a great year!

  4. casifarm says:

    Great advice, that’ll be my pleasure!

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