Wet weekend

Monday, January 5, 2015

The sunshine is brilliant today!  But it’s quite cold; when the day began, it was 12ºF (-11C).

We had a little dusting of snow yesterday; flurries in the air,  but not enough to see it on the ground.  Friday night and Saturday gave us rain, rain, rain.  The office gauge shows 2.17″ (55mm), but it seemed like it was even more than that!  I checked the new terraces at the Roberson farm location, and those structures performed adequately, controlling erosion as we had hoped.

There was some thunder and lightning in Saturday’s heavy rain.  It made me think of the old farm lore:  “Thunder in January, flood in June”.   It was true in 2013.  Check the old post on this website for June 28, 2013.

Two loads of corn went to market this morning.  Each storage bin is being checked visually today.  We make it a practice to look into the top of each storage bin every Monday to verify the quality of the grain.

“Vanna” the white CH model Mack truck is coming home from the shop today.

This evening we’ll celebrate Ashley’s birthday.  Pat’s preparing a really good pot roast (Ashley’s request) and a special birthday cake.  And grandpa will get to play with Ella!

Keep warm out there.


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