Monday, November 3, 2014

The cold weather is causing us to re-think our plan of fall spraying.  We are considering reducing or eliminating our fall herbicide application:  A spring burn-down will have to be applied before soybean and corn planting… but if we do not spray this fall, that application may cost a little more then, and it would have to be applied earlier.  This cold weather now may decrease the effectiveness of the application.  It’s a lot to figure out.  Our fall spraying program has been working well for the past 4-5 years, but we need to reduce costs, too.

So, we are weighing the alternatives, along with the associated costs.  Either way, the 4730 will have to be ‘winterized’ with RV antifreeze  when it’s time to store for the winter.



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  1. Dwight Brawdy says:

    Dennis, I don’t know if your operation does any farming in Pike county but there is a nice 180 acre farm up for auction on Dec. 7th by Craig Auction Service of Petersburg. It has about 150 acres tillable with four 3000 bu. storage bins and a machine storage building. The farm is about one mile south of Petersburg just off state rd. 57 on 350 north. The Louis Lamb farm. He and my father in law were close friends.

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