No rain Thursday

October 16, 2014

There is no rain today, but the skies are gray.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to break through.  The forecast is for dry days through the 25th… and that will be welcome.

I just betcha we’re slogging through a corn field tomorrow.  Ross wants us to go next to Lett/Watjen, site of the June 9-planted corn.  It’ll feel good to get back at it.  But it will require the trucks to stay on the paved road, too!  The combines are fueled, lubed, and ready!

The S 680 combine sits quietly, waiting to be fired up and back into harvest action...hopefully tomorrow.

The S680 combine sits quietly, waiting to be fired up and get back into harvest action…hopefully tomorrow.

The bulk of the double-crop soybeans (DCB) seem to be very close to ripe and ready for harvest.  It’s amazing how they have continued to mature even through this cold and wet period.

A good 10 days of dry weather could see us wrap up this harvest.

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