Chilly morning

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It was 48ºF (9C) when we started the day!  Sure feels like summer is history.  It was overcast and gloomy-looking.  But by 10 am, the clouds cleared away and gave us a sunny, clear-blue-sky day.  The temperature is in the mid 60s, so it’s not a ‘hot’ day by any means.

Got some office work done, and then got the yard mowed.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a lengthy meeting with Greg Anthis and Luke Halter of CPS.  We began the preliminary fall fertilization plans, estimating corn and soybean acres for 2015.  It’s a ways away from finalizing those numbers; we will have to ‘know’ that by early November so that seed can be bought.  We do know there will be no wheat planted.  Luke introduced some information-management systems that he can use to help with site-specific fertilizer recommendations and prescription application maps.  We will cooperate with him to utilize our yield and soil maps and as-applied planting maps so that the fertility recommendations can be made more exact. Precision is the name of the game… and should drive down the costs, or at least make the same cost more effective.  Technology is our friend.

Also yesterday, Ray the JD mechanic came to repair the feeder house on the S680 combine.  Now, we believe we are fully ready for some corn harvest… which could occur late next week.  There’s a new YouTube video of our work yesterday to service the JD corn head.

Enjoy your weekend.

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