Friday morning, March 7, 2014
Corn is going to market today. Brandon is delivering 4 loads of corn to GPC.

The soil froze again last night.  There was a lot of thawing during the day yesterday, and we can expect that to continue today and through the weekend.  Lots of the slushy snow and ice melted away yesterday, but not all of it is gone yet.  It can be expected to be gone by Monday.  The trend for the next week’s weather forecast is to be warmer.

We are now going through a period of days (again) when the soil is soft and squishy.  Walking across the yard leaves a depressed footprint in the grass.  The lane and farm lot have soft places in them.  The County Commissioners have placed (again) a 10-ton load limit on most county roads.  We went through a time similar to this a few weeks ago when we went from frozen to thawed.  We received a rain that took away the slush, and the soil firmed up fairly quickly.  The county road load-limit was lifted in just a few days.

The potholes in the roads are showing up big time right now.  This is the time during the year that is the most messy.  During the frozen days, the roads and farm lots stay firm and mostly dry.  And with a few dry, sunny days, the soil will ‘settle’ again.  We look forward to that.

This evening, our local high school, South Knox, begins its play in the boys’ basketball tournament.  We drew a ‘bye’, so we did not play until today.  Play on Tuesday night narrowed the field so that now there are four teams remaining in the ‘sectional’.  Two games tonight, and the championship tomorrow.  Let’s hope we can make it to tomorrow’s game.  We should be the ‘favored’ team this year, because we played and defeated all three of the other sectional teams during the regular season.  But, as you know, anything can happen.  The last time we were the sectional ‘favorite’, was in 2009, and we lost on a last-second shot in the very first game… I’m not sure I’m completely over that yet!

Good luck to the Spartans!



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