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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The ground may be a little bit soft, but we are going back to the corn field today.  We will have to work in places where the trucks can remain on the hard road.  No trucks in the field for a few days…

Ben is delivering some corn at GPC, Washington, Indiana today.   Five loads are due there, and you deliver ‘by appointment’.  It sounds a little weird, but there’s no waiting in line to unload.   The system has caught on quite well there.

Cooler this morning, 48ºF, but 70s predicted later today.  The week’s forecast is favorable.  Hopefully, it will dry enough in a few days to allow us to return to harvest soybeans.  We need 2-3 days to cut all the beans that are now ready.  The beans that have been replanted–and the double-crop beans (DCB) are just beginning to turn yellow.  Those will probably not be ripe until sometime in early November.

Only 20 acres of wheat remains to be planted.  Maybe tomorrow or Thursday that’ll happen.  Our cover crops of rye and radishes have been planted at Lett and Watjen.

Let the sun shine!




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  1. Savannah says:

    By appointment…huh. Do they give you a specific time or just a time slot? Are the radishes just turned under and what kind do you use? Sorry for all the questions!

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