A glitch

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

During the night, a chain in the wet-bin conveyor failed.  This prevented wet corn from getting to the dryer, causing it to shut down.  John and Ross are working this morning to repair the chain in that drag conveyor.  Parts are on the way from Montgomery Welding.  It should be up and running soon, but the wet bin is nearly full… we will run out of room soon today.

We had planned to change to harvest soybeans on Thursday, but this glitch may move that change-over to today.  I hope the beans are dry enough to cut…

Ben is using the time this morning to deliver corn to market at nearby Robinson Grain.

There is office work to cover this morning… Ross sold corn at ADM Evansville, but it had to be delivered to GPC at Washington.  This complicates the paperwork a bit, but I’m wading through that today.  We must be certain to get it straight, so that we can collect for the corn!



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