Small milestone

Wednesday evening, October 2, 2013

Today we completed the task of ‘uncovering’ the remaining fields that will be planted in wheat for 2014.  This foggy gray day did not give way to a short window of sunshine until about 4pm.  This damp-feeling day would not be good for harvesting soybeans, so we used it to pick corn.  We finished harvesting corn this morning at the Waldo farm, and then moved to the Ross farm.  As we pulled in the last stalks into the corn heads, Ross called on the two-way radio and asked, “Have you had enough for today?”  My reply was “Yes.”  We moved the combines home and almost as soon as we put them inside the building, the rain started.  Guess we were ‘just in time’.  Now the ball is in Larry’s court, and he will get that wheat planted asap.

Larry planted more wheat today at the Waldo farm.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  The forecast is for rain.


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