Foggy morning

Monday, September 30, 2013

It’s a gray and foggy morning out there.  A little mist in the air.  This will delay our return to the corn field, but allow for some catch-up service work in the shop.  John is changing the engine oil in the JD 9330 tractor, and later we will work together to replace a leaky hydraulic oil line in the older MacDon FD 70 header.  I had been wondering where the oil was going out of the JD combine’s hydraulic tank… had to add a few quarts each morning for the past several days.  But Saturday it became apparent that  the leak was in the MacDon header.  I was able to continue operating, and this drizzly morning will provide a good opportunity to get that fixed.

The skies are predicted to clear this afternoon, and I am assuming we will return to harvest some corn then.

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