Sunday morning, September 29, 2013

A gentle rain is falling this morning.  It’s a welcome sight, for we are all a little weary and a day of rest will be great.  We brought the combines home last night, so they are inside, keeping dry.  This rain is also very good for the newly-planted wheat.  Tomorrow, we will return to harvesting corn, and in a couple days we will have the remainder of the wheat acres ‘uncovered’.

There is a small leak of hydraulic oil in the MacDon header.  It allows the reel to creep forward as you harvest.  So, Monday, I’ll also be taking that apart and repairing/replacing that oil line.

Today is a big day for our church.  At Wheatland Christian Church today, we will hold a ground-breaking ceremony for the new Youth Center.  This long-awaited facility will be devoted to children and youth ministries, and will be adjacent to our main building.  This will expand our ability to provide activities for young people.

The last regular-season game of baseball is today.  162 games…what a grind that must be.   But our St. Louis Cardinals are again in post-season play, so the season keeps going for us!  Let’s hope they play deep into October…

Have a good weekend.

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