Monday, August 5, 2013

The cool weather continues, the morning today was 58F.   We look forward to the return of some higher heat and humidity, for those temperatures will help the development of the corn and soybeans.  People will be more uncomfortable, but the crops will like it.  This string of cool days and nights will likely delay the onset of physiological maturity of the corn and soybeans, and with that the first day of fall harvest.  But a return to hot days and nights could reverse this recent trend.

John has evaluated the soybeans this morning, and has come up with a plan for some herbicide applications later this week.  He is gathering his herbicides this afternoon, and will be ready to do the applications when the time is right.

Rain is predicted for Wednesday, and unless the rain is excessive, it will be welcome.  The DCB are developing well, and currently the wheat stubble is about to disappear underneath the canopy of soybeans.

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