Check one thing off the list…maybe two…

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

John took the 4730 sprayer out today and applied some roundup to the latest-planted soybeans.  There was another ‘crop’ of weeds coming in the little beans, and he cleaned that up today.  He sprayed the DCB yesterday.  We think that will conclude the application of herbicides in the soybean crop for summer of 2013.  Let’s hope that now that August is here, that the spraying can be considered finished.  Again, this was another thing with an extended season because of the really late planting and replanting.

We also cleaned out the ‘suntan machine’ (the little pull-type sprayer behind the AC D-15 tractor).  That task is complete for 2013 also; the ditches along our properties look much better, especially at the new Burke farm.  We just cannot abide having brush grow up on the banks of our streams.   The little spray tank was put into storage as well as the little orange tractor that pulls it.  As a note, the D-15 tractor is a 1961 model!  But it has had the engine rebuilt once, and the outward appearance restored a few years ago.  It really does look new.  Even at 52 years old!

Our ExMark mower had to go back to the dealer’s shop for the same engine repair that took it away a couple weeks ago.  They were nice enough to give us a ‘loaner’ until it’s fixed.  And that loaner has been busy this afternoon.

The bush-hog (on this farm, ‘bush-hog’ is also a verb) needs to run some more this week or next to improve some roadsides’ appearance.  Mowing roadsides along our fields is important to improve the appearance and make the fields look like they’re ‘cared for’.  We have even mowed the state right-of-way along US 50. The state highway department (INDOT) only mowed one strip along the pavement, and we just could not stand the way it looked.  Now, as you drive US 50 along our fields, it looks much better, nicely mowed.

Early this afternoon, Brandon finished delivering the 10K bushel contract to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  Now, the  #4 and #7 wheat storage bins can be swept out clean, readying them for fall harvest.

Doesn’t that make 3 things to check off the list because of today’s progress?

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