Oh, boy.

Wednesday, April 17,2013

Another rain overnight, about .6″ (16mm).  It seems like more.  The fields are really wet again.  I saw a tweet yesterday by Mitch Daniels, President of Purdue and former Indiana Governor: “Another week of this rain and I’ll start getting nostalgic for the Drought of 2012″.  I realize he was joking.  I recoiled at that statement, but we really do need some dry days.  Just don’t want to go to the extreme of what we experienced last year.

Maybe we can go to the Burke farm and remove some of the water hydrants and wires.  The underground utility locating service came yesterday and marked the phone lines that must be avoided as we take out trees and buildings.  We are at a stage of the removal where it’s not pretty, but it won’t take too long to get it looking good.   Another full day of Shepards’ work will have it nearly ready for farming!

Sunshine welcome here!

I’ll close with an old saying from my dad….”you can raise more crop in a wet year than a dry year”.

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