A big birthday…. and rain threatening…again

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We had a pleasant day yesterday.  Fields were too soft or wet for John and Ross to apply NH3, but it was firm enough for me to spray.  I got 500+ acres of corn ground covered yesterday, readying it for the next  operation, which is the corn planter.  It was a bit soggy in spots, but I pushed on, feeling a bit under the gun to get this application of Harness Extra + Roundup Weathermax applied.  The wind was not calm, but it was slight enough (<10 mph) all day to allow me to spray.

Rain is threatening again this morning, but it looks on the radar that we may get a few hours work done.  John is going to try to apply NH3 at the Steen farm.

Our big news was Sunday, when we celebrated Ross’ 70th birthday.  From 1-5 pm, many people came to greet him and wish him a happy day.  The event was catered by Carla’s Catering, Shoals, and the cake was provided by “Piece of Cake” in Vincennes.  Carla was here herself, and her crew made the day easy for us.  I don’t know how many people came to be here for Ross, but it was a bunch!  Here are some scenes from Sunday afternoon.

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We held the event here in the farm shop, Dirk and Kris did the planning.  I think we were able to pull off the surprise.  Thanks to everyone who came.  And a special thanks to our sister Sheila and her husband John who came all the way across southern Indiana to be here for the birthday boy!  I think everyone had a good time!

I’ve been a little perplexed this spring… typically I am itching to get the soybean planter into the field to ‘go early’ with beans.  I cannot say why, but this year, I’m not.  Perhaps it’s the fact that there has not been a day yet when I could have planted soybeans!  (too cold and/or too wet) When the next dry period arrives, I think my sentiments will change, and I’ll be eager to get that new planter going.  The kicker is that a burn-down application of Roundup Weathermax, Authority XL, and Sharpen must go on 7 or more days ahead of the planter.   With a rainy week predicted this week, it may be difficult to get any soybeans planted this month.  But I’ll give every effort to do so.

White River is just a tick above flood stage at Edwardsport.  A big flood event can affect up to 6 of our farm locations.  I think we will have water in the ‘sloughs’, but not widespread flooding.  Maybe there won’t be any debris float out into the fields this time.  I can remember years ago giant, whole trees (with completely exposed and attached roots) that used to float out into the fields.  Often it took a bulldozer or a 4wd tractor to move those things!  Also, there were things like boat docks, plastic or glass bottles, refrigerators, and broken bits of lumber that would be deposited in the fields after a flood event.  I think the White River is ‘cleaner’ than it was 30 years ago.

The skies are sprinkling on us right now, stopping me from spraying, so we will go and check on the progress at the Burke farm… Shepard Construction has moved in to the location to remove the old junky house and all but one of the outbuildings.  The 2 grain bins are sold, but the buyer has not removed them yet.  Hope that happens soon.

Sunshine will be welcome here!

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