Friday, April 19, 2013

During the night, another 2.1 inches of rain fell on the area.  The sky looked threatening all day, but the rain did not begin until about dark, 8pm edt.  We were hoping that the predictions would be a bit overblown, and the rainfall amounts would not be so much.  Now that the front has gone through, the air is chilly again… 39ºF this morning.  This cool and wet period will cause more delays to planting.  Potential corn yields begin to reduce beginning on May 10.  Of course, there is plenty of time to get the corn in the ground by then, so it’s not a panic time yet.  I believe I am happy that our seed is still “in the bag” today.  Patience is still a helpful trait for a farmer.

For some positive news, the wheat crop has an excellent appearance!

I guess if you’d take an average of Spring ’12 and Spring ’13, you’d come up with a perfect year…

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