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Friday, November 16, 2012

Yesterday afternoon we began with the harvest of the double-crop soybeans.  It is gratifying to finally get going on this last portion of the harvest.  It’s been over a month that we’ve been waiting to work on the DCB.  The yields are so very low, it was surprising.  I was expecting 10-12 bushels per acre, the actual result at the Shake farm yesterday was a tick less than 5.  Boy, did this drought hit the DCB!

It is very frosty this morning, so our return to harvest will be around noon.  But the sun is brilliant and we have a goal to cut the Lett and Watjen farms today.  That’s a big goal, but do-able if we can work a little later in the evening than we did yesterday.  I think the frost looks nice, like a sugar-coating on everything outdoors…but it delays our harvesting work this time of year.

If the weather predictions are correct, we should complete the DCB this weekend, and therefore the 2012 harvest will be completely finished.  Like most other SW Indiana farmers, we are all looking forward to the conclusion of harvest, putting 2012 behind us and looking fully ahead to the new year and its opportunities.

Have a great weekend.

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