Life imitates art…

Friday the 26th of October….

Yesterday was a very beautiful and warm, sunny October day.  Today is a contrast.  Chilly with a blustery wind — and off-and-on sprinkles of rain.  I miss yesterday’s sunshine already!

The breezes we had yesterday made the leaves rain down from the trees.  First, the crabapple, then the tulip trees, and then the maples.  Orange, red, and yellow cascades of color were floating down.  We are beginning to see the bare branches of winter.  But those bright, colorful leaves yesterday often gathered as a blanket on the lawns and country blacktop roads nearby.  As I drove around in yesterday’s bright sunlight, every patch of those leaves became a flurry of color behind my pickup.  It reminded me very much of an opening scene in my favorite movie, Hoosiers.  Remember how Coach Norman Dale’s early 50’s Chevy looked as he was traveling toward Hickory, Indiana?  As he nears his  destination, his car moves over the low crest of a hill.   Coach Dale’s car whisks up a cloud of  the colorful leaves that had been blanketing the sparsely traveled road.  After the shuffle, most of those leaves settled back and re-created that blanket.  That’s the image that came to me yesterday afternoon.   Just another special glimpse of rural life; you won’t see that image at 70 mph on the interstate!

To see the scene I had in my mind, click on this link, and watch from 2:14 to 2:48.

Have a good weekend.

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