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Many folks know that I am a big fan of US Highway 50.  We have lived our whole life along this highway, and in July, my wife Pat and I completed the goal of driving every beautiful mile of it.  I think it’s more significant than the more-famous Route 66!  According to the sign at Ocean City, Maryland, there are 3073 miles of US 50.

I observed recently that there was an old “Business 50” sign along Washington Avenue in Vincennes.  It has been decades since that street was US 50, so I figured it was obsolete.  That sign is probably 60+ years old.  I called the Indiana State Highway Department to see if I could remove that sign and place it on display here.  They told me it was no longer a state highway, and that the city of Vincennes had the authority over it.  So, I called the Street Department at Vincennes, and the very nice secretary there told me she’d look into it.  I may have been a little skeptical, thinking that ‘yeah, they don’t want to be bothered by some sign nut’.  But I got a call yesterday, and the Department Superintendent, Bryce Anderson, had checked with the Mayor and had the sign taken down!  I picked it up yesterday after lunch, and now that antique US 50 sign adorns the wall of the farm office!  I think it looks really special, and adds another very personal touch to the look of the place.

From Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California…. US 50 is the best!

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