Great Saturday

September 15, 2012

The sun is out, the skies are clear, it ‘s a beautiful day!  I expect we will cut some soybeans somewhere today.  Ross and I will make another trip around the various fields to survey the possibilities, and then we will choose where to go.

It rained late yesterday morning.. just a light rain, not much more than a heavy dew.  The farm was busy with trucks going out with grain.  I took the opportunity to go to the Harry farm to run a bush-hog. (Bush-Hog is a brand name.  Actually, the machine is technically called a ‘rotary cutter’.  But everyone uses the term bush-hog in a generic way, kind of like the name Kleenex is used for tissues) I worked around the edges of the fields, and mowed the weeds around each WASCoB.  It looks much better now.  While I was out on the 7130, Ross hooked up his MacDon header to the 8120 combine and buzzed some soybeans at 4 different fields here at the Home farm.  He discovered they were  really close to being ready; in fact, some tested below 13% moisture.  Even so, there were also wetter, pre-matured beans in the tank too.  He just had to give it a try.  This morning, we will search for a location more uniformly dry… perhaps the Commer farm.

The combines are ready, we just have to find a location with sufficiently dry soybeans!

Ross is ‘hitched up’ and ready to go to the soybean field this morning!

And it looks like a really good bean-cutting day!  Hope to listen to the Purdue football game from the combine cab this afternoon.

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