Monday, June 4, 2012

We continue the wheat harvesting today, Ross and Philip are the combine drivers, with Brandon and Ben in support.  John is operating the dryer, as well as helping with trucking the wheat from the field to the farm.

Some good news is that as the wheat harvest has continued over the weekend, Ross has been finding out that the yields have improved.  He is more optimistic about the results of the wheat than he was on the first day of cutting.  We probably will achieve our goal, a tick above average when all is done… and they should get done today…only 101 acres remain–the Shake farm.

We purchased the Shake farm in the mid 70’s from Judge Curtis G. Shake, a retired local attorney, who achieved some fame as a judge at the Nuremburg trials after WWII.

I will continue to closely follow the neighbor’s straw baling crew, and plant the double-crop soybeans as soon as possible behind them.

The new GSI 2326 X-Stream dryer is working quite well!  It is great that we can use it this summer in wheat, and get past the learning curve before the pressure of fall corn harvest.

And, a rain would be welcome.

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