June 1, 2012

Ooooh, it’s kinda chilly this morning… 55F right now.

We harvested wheat yesterday, getting going about midday, and working at the Ross farm until the rain drove us from the field at about 3 pm.  We nearly got that farm finished, just a couple rounds remain to be cut.  We ‘windrowed’ the straw to be baled.   The good news was that the yields are better than the day before; the frost must have done less damage in this particular location when we got frost in April.  I recorded an average of 62 bpa, not fabulous, but an improvement over yields from the 2 Hills fields.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.  These are all views from the seat of the 9770.

This is the view forward from the seat of the 9770. I wish I had a wide-angle camera to capture the whole view.

Not much dust being raised today, the wheat straw was ‘tough’, and the grain was about 17%.

Both combines cut a 40-foot swath through the wheat, and then after threshing, drop the straw into a windrow.

While using ‘Autotrac’, I can unload on-the-go

Brandon is operating the new 9360R on the grain cart

Unloading at the distant truck. Using the grain cart, the combine can keep moving while the truck gets loaded.

The rain ended the work in the field about 3pm. We emptied our combines, removed the headers, and returned back to the main farm.

Check out the “Technology” page for new information about the operation of the new high-tech grain dryer, put into service for the first time yesterday.

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