June 5, 2012

Wheat harvest finished yesterday.  The results were okay, not great, but not bad either.  Now there will be a few days’ clean-up of the combines and headers and the grain cart and tractor.   And there is some wheat to deliver to market!  Brandon took 10 loads to Robinson’s today to fill a contract sale, and they are very impressed with the quality of the wheat.  They tell us it is the best they’ve received this year.  The test weight, or the density, has been as high as 64.2 pounds!   The standard requirement for wheat is a test weight of 60, and that is often hard to achieve when the wheat has been under stress.  We attribute this good quality to John’s application of a fungicide at just the right time in early spring.  It’s nice to get good news when you send your grain off to market….

I continue with the planting of double-crop soybeans.  I’m a bit concerned about the soil moisture, and will there be enough to get the crop started.  One field remains to be planted, but I am waiting for the neighbor to get the straw baled and stacked out of the way.  My hope is to finish by Wednesday night, but it will only be after the straw job is finished.  It’s 101 acres, the Shake farm, and should take me between 4 and 5 hours to plant it.  There are many (15) WASCoBs on that farm to maneuver around, and that will slow me down.

It’s a relatively cool and pleasant day, unusual for wheat harvest time, when it’s ususally hot and humid.  The sky is a beautiful blue today with puffy white clouds.  The sky today looks like the wallpaper in Andy’s room in the movie “Toy Story”.

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