May 9, 2012

John continues to spray soybeans today.  He had a big day yesterday, going over the Commer, Nellie, Grubb, Freddie, and Huey Flat-Left fields.

Yesterday evening, I took the Gator to the Waldo farm to inspect the triangle field.  I suspected that there would be some thin stands in some parts of that field.  Driving over it, I discovered some wet areas that have not allowed the soybeans to sprout…. I estimate 2 acres out of the 50 in the field.   The soil was still a little squishy-wet in those areas, so more sunshine is needed before I can replant those areas that are bare of little beans.  Hopefully, Saturday morning I can get the air drill in there to replant those small areas.  The soil surface, at a minimum, must be ‘dry’ before a replant can be successful.

In discussing this with Ross, we decided that this fall after harvest, we will engage the Shepards to come in and install a system of tile drainage in this often-wet field.

The replanted soybeans at Dunn are peeking through the soil this morning.

Tomorrow, I will make the annual farm payment on the VanVleet farm, purchased in 2007.   It will be paid off in 2016.  Also due on May 10 is our spring installment of the property taxes.  The tax rate declined from 2011, but the assessed value (A/V) went up by 28.7%, and the tax bill increased 12.8%.  That’s a significant raise in one year!

I have heard from a couple of my ‘french sons’ in the past couple days, and both expressed their disappointment with the results of the french presidential election.  Sounds like taxes are going up there, too!

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