May 8, 2012

Planting is finished… again.

Ross is cleaning out and cleaning up his planter again today.  He finished replanting at the Roberson farm yesterday afternoon.  I even got in on the act; I used the 7130 tractor hitched to our old 6-row “Cyclo” planter ( we keep it just for these kind of replant needs ) at the Pond and Cox fields.  With that, I just run in some short strips in places where the corn population is thin.  I probably planted about 2 acres total in all the running around those two fields.

The rain held off all day, even though in the evening it looked very dark and threatening.

John sprayed postemerge herbicides in soybeans yesterday, but had to stop when the wind got very strong just as the black clouds rolled in.  He is back at it this morning.

We have discovered many problems with our old 1961 Allis-Chalmers D-15 tractor… the one that Ben needs for his ditch maintenance task.  A leaky radiator, worn-out front tires and an 8-year-old battery are getting attention this morning.  Instead of hand-directed spraying, he’s helping his Uncle Ross clean out the big planter.  I hope we can get Ben’s rig back on task tomorrow!

Ross and Ben unload each row’s meter system into a seed storage box.

Needs a little work, don’t you think?

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