Thursday, May 10, 2012

John continues spraying over the top of the soybeans today; it’s an ideal spraying day with light winds.
I went to the Waldo farm this afternoon, and replanted 4.5 acres of soybeans that had been ‘drowned out’.  The soil was in good, mostly dry condition, and the replant went in well.  I spent the morning with the 7130 and bush-hog, mowing roadsides at Holscher, Freddie, Downen, Huey, and Steen.  Earlier, I had paid the property taxes, and made the annual payment on the VanVleet farm.

Patrick from MAS is here today working on the control wiring in the new dryer.  There are lots of electrical connections to make, sometimes it looks like a bowl of spaghetti in that big box, but Patrick will get them connected in just the right spot.  There is also some welding and fabrication being done to the unloading system, matching it to our drag conveyor that will move the dried grain from the dryer to the elevator.

Philip is repairing a belt-tensioning spring on the eXmark mower.

The weather is certainly pleasant today, low 70s with bright sunshine.  The corn and soybeans would prefer temps in the 80s, but it is perfect for people!


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