Today, work continues at the Waldo farm, and it is beginning to take the shape of the final product.  Gene Shepard has pushed aside the topsoil from the area that he is re-shaping and building a a new terrace.  Once the proper grade or rate-of-fall of the terrace is complete, the topsoil will be put in place and smoothed out.    There will be a rock chute at the end of the terrace to convey the water from the terrace to the ditch, and to do so without erosion.  It’s looking good over there.

As part of the improvements being made at the Waldo farm, here Sam Shepard installs a new 8 inch tile to connect an existing tile to the ditch. Once the new section is connected, the water you see flowing in the terrace will flow out to the ditch underground.

John and Philip have the 2510H applicator in the shop today putting on the final touches of preparation.  I’ve written anhydrous ammonia application prescriptions for the 2510H, and updated much of the database in Apex.  We are inching toward field work!

And today’s temperature (78F) and bright sunshine gives us the fever to get out there!

In another note, our farm was awarded the Conservation Farmer Award by the Knox County Soil and Water Conservation District.  We attended the 2012 banquet last evening, and received the award.  It is a nice honor to be recognized for your efforts at protecting the soil and water resources.  Thanks to the SWCD for this award!

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