December 29, 2011

Even though it’s sunny here, Ross has departed for sunny Florida and on his trip down I-75 has sold some corn to Robinson Grain.  Philip, Ben, and John are occupied today delivering that 15,000 bushels.

This afternoon, I received a pleasant email from Dr. Craig Dobbins, Purdue University Ag Economist, inviting us to speak on campus at a “Farming Together” conference in January.  In his message, he mentioned a link to a radio interview done here by Andy Eubank, Hoosier Ag Today Network, back in June when the Indiana Farm Management Tour stopped here.  If you’d like to hear that just go to

I hope you’ll find that interesting.

As the old year wraps up, John has (this afternoon) confirmed the bushels of corn left in inventory, and it seems to be in agreement with the November 1 inventory number, less the bushels delivered during the past two months.  I use this figure to ‘hone in’ on the cash flow for 2012, and to verify the accuracy of the 2011 cash flow figures as they were estimated months ago.   We cannot ever seem to foresee every item that can materialize up to a year in advance, but the projections for 2011 were within a reasonable range of actual numbers.  That gives us a greater level of confidence for 2012’s projections.

May 2012 be a good and productive and safe year for you all.  Remember to count your blessings.

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