December 27, 2011

Kind of a surprise after the recent warm spell, but it’s coming down nicely today.   This kind of a day makes Ross yearn for sunny Florida even more.  They are wrapping up their last-minute details today, and he and Rhoda will be on the road tomorrow.

John is delivering corn today to Robinson Grain, just across Highway 50 from here.  A little while ago, we were visiting as the truck was being loaded.  John told his Uncle Ross that this snow was neat and that, “You know, it’ll be gone tomorrow.”  Ross replied, “I will be too!”

So, those of us staying in this Indiana winter will just resolve to enjoy the scenery today.  I have to say, I kind of appreciate the snow… the only time it’s not great is when it melts and makes muddy conditions.  But today, it’s beautiful!

Looks pretty good out there…

John's pickup highlights the snowfall


Looking up towards Ross' house, you can really see it coming down. Do you notice the tracks from John's corn truck going out?


The grain system shows the snow on the roofs.

The ground is now covered, but we’re a long way from needing to get out the tractor and snow-blower.   If only this had arrived a few days earlier for our ‘white Christmas’.

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