December 11, 2011

Just a report from the land auction yesterday.  We were not the successful bidder.  The 120 acres brought a total of $1.32M.  Not a complete surprise, but a stronger price than we had expected.  Two of our neighbors kept bidding after we reached our preceived limit.

We are not discouraged, but remain hopeful that another alternative will present itself.  This will surely not be the last opportunity to grow the farm, but we must always make certain that our decisions are prudent, and make financial sense for our particular situation.  Yes, there is a bit of optimism and courage involved in buying another farm location.   We will keep looking…

As always, if you are a potential farmland seller in the area, please contact us to see if we are a good ‘fit’.

Today the sunshine was brilliant.  Even at only 40 degrees, it warmed our spirits.   If the rain holds off a few more days, I may get to run a disk over the new tile installation at Waldo.  This will begin the process of smoothing the soil surface where the tile trenches have ‘settled’ after the rains.

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