December 15, 2011

It’s a cloudy day, quite windy, too.  When you look out the window, you’d think it was gloomy and cold.  But it is unusually warm, with a warm overnight.  In fact, we experienced a thunderstom during the night!  It was surprising to hear the rumbles and see the flashes of lightning.  Not something you expect on a December night.  And now it’s getting colder through the day…

Another part of the thunderstorm last night was the 1+ inch of rain we received.  The local streams are full to overflowing, and some of our fields have standing water, especially the Pond and Cox farms.  I guess it’s not something with which to be super-concerned this time of year, but we need to do some work on each of these places to help get the surface water off quickly for spring, summer, and fall!

We are fully into basketball season here.  Because we are in Indiana, it is a very important part of the year.  No matter if the team is powerful or not, folks turn out to watch their local high school team.  Tomorrow night will be homecoming at South Knox, and we are hopeful the Spartans can win that one.   So, we’re enjoying December in the gym one or two nights a week!

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