Friday, December 9

It has been a busy week.  Today, we are sending corn to market.  It is good to have some moving out frequently, so that we can monitor the quality issues inside each storage bin.  If you pull some from each bin each week, you have greater comfort in knowing how well the grain is ‘keeping’.

John spent a couple days this week at Wright Stemle, Jasper, IN, assisting with the installation of the N-Ject system on the 2510H application bar.  Because he has participated in this process, he will have a first-hand knowledge of the way it works when it goes to the field.  This is new technology, electronically complex but mechanically simple.  So, there is a learning curve to climb to be prepared to operate this system.  It is not yet completed, there are some components that have not arrived, but the major parts of it are installed.  Perhaps next week, it can be finished and delivered to the farm.

We met with the crop insurance adjusters yesterday afternoon to assess our claims for the Nellie and Lett farms.   We determined that the yield was above the 70% yield guarantee, so our claims are not needed.  Good news and bad news, all at the same time….

We are scouting the area for some land to purchase; there is a smaller tract we are negotiating with the owner… and we’re hopeful that we can work out an agreement to buy that 12 or 13 acres.  Also, there is an auction tomorrow that we are going to attend.  It’s for 120 acres.  We’ve made arrangements with our banker, and we will try to be the successful bidder.  But, it’s an auction, and who knows how that will turn out!  Some reports of recent land sales are showing some irrational exuberance, we will try to make some decision that makes sense for us.  There have not been very many sales in our area in the past 12 months, so this gives us more uncertainty about the auction tomorrow.





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